Ciao ESE Pod Coffee Machine 44 mm

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Product Description

Innovative design, attractive and compact shapes make “Ciao” the ideal capsule espresso coffee machine for the office and home.

* The reduced wattage allows for significant savings in power consumption.
* The new patented self-cleaning hydraulic system eliminates the problems associated with the formation of limescale in the coffee group.
* The central cloche locking system guarantees great stability and allows for an optimal closure of the group and therefore a better infusion of the coffee.
* The Automatic Mechanical Loading and Ejection System allows for easy insertion of the capsule and its subsequent drop ejection into the special exhausted capsule collection tray.
* The supporting frame in galvanized sheet gives strength and avoids the formation of rust; the ABS covers allow quick access to the internal components of the machine, facilitating its maintenance.
* The integrated splashback allows the use of any type of coffee cup.
* Rear cover of the transparent self-contained tank for easy checking of the water level and with a magnet that facilitates its closure.

These are just some of the characteristics of “Ciao”, a jewel of Italian technology.

Technical features
Nominal power 400-475W
Firing 220V/60Hz
Thermal control fixed thermostat
Tank capacity About 1 liter
Dimensions (LxPxH) mm 140x330x300
Weight About 5 kg
Functions 1 coffee
Colors red – white – dove gray – pink - sky blue - orange